ICT and Computer Science iPhone and iPad Apps


Sir Smith Software produces a range of K-12, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A Level ICT and Computing apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

AS Level ICT and A2 Level ICT  are the perfect accompaniment for students studying A-Level ICT or Computing courses.  All information is presented through easy to follow screencast video tutorials. AS Level ICT take you through many AS ICT theory topics including encoding data, validation, problems with ICT systems, HCI and many more. The A2 Level ICT app covers theory topics including network topologies, the internet, security, databases, systems life cycle and again many, many more! 

Each ICT app contains over 8 hours of detailed guidance which covers almost everything a student needs to know at A-Level. Each individual video lasts between 10 and 20 mins and also contains practical advice on how to answer typical exam questions.

The videos were originally created to follow the WJEC AS ICT syllabus however the majority of the content will be relevant to A Level ICT courses offered by other exam boards.

This app was created with material from renowned content creator David Phillips who has been successfully teaching A Level ICT for many years, and in conjunction with teach-ict.com. where schools and colleges can buy a desktop site license version of the lecture videos.

AS Level ICT

A2 Level ICT

Scratch Maze is based upon an OCR GCSE pilot task where students create a maze game in using the free programming environment Scratch.

The app contains a number of video tutorials which leads beginners through controlling the main character, creating a maze, adding bad guys, programming interaction and other essential game creation elements until they have a functioning game system.

Scratch Apps

Clicky is a GameMaker tutorial and quiz app which leads you through creating your first GameMaker game. You will end up with a game where objects fly around the screen and clicking on them will increase your score.

GameMaker Apps

1942 Shooter is a GameMaker tutorial app which leads you through creating a scrolling shooter game similar to Capcom classic 1942. Your plane will be fully controllable and able to shoot down attacking enemy planes.

A Level Apps